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A world-class training system that supports South Australians to effectively participate in employment and skills formation is the key to meeting the workforce needs of our state today and in the future.

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South Australian Training Advocate


Ms Dianne Baron is the South Australian Training Advocate.


The Training Advocate independently monitors the training system in South Australia, working with employers, training providers, students, apprentices and trainees to provide advice to the Minister for Innovation and Skills.


Our Role

A key function of the Office of the Training Advocate is to promote and provide independent advice about the training system in South Australia to students, apprentices and trainees, employers and training providers.


Our advice and advocacy roles cover all post-secondary training, including:

  • higher education

  • vocational education and training

  • apprenticeships and traineeships

  • education services for international students; and

  • adult and community education.


We are focused on actively promoting the benefits of training, pro-actively engaging with stakeholders to help them understand their rights and obligations and how the training system might benefit them, future skills needs and positioning SA to take advantage of new and innovative training models.

The Training Advocate also plays an important role monitoring the training system and advises the State Government on ways to improve the training system.


We can assist you to find your way around the training system, to make informed decisions about your training needs, rights and obligations. It is our aim to support all parties toward successful completion of training or an Australian qualification wherever possible.

Our Services

We provide a range of services, at no cost, including:


  • confidential independent advice and support;

  • dedicated services to international students;

  • to speak for and negotiate on behalf of individuals toward the resolution of an issue or dispute;

  • independent complaints handling;

  • presentations to business and student orientation sessions;

  • making submissions to inquiries and relevant key stakeholder consultations.

The Training Advocate is declared to be an exempt agency in respect of functions set out on clause 2 of the charter (Independent complaint handling process).

Understanding our role in more detail

Advocacy and Mediation

Complaints Handling

To understand the role of the Training Advocate when assisting with complaints:

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